QC – Quercus Classic

As the name suggests, the company QC Floors (Quercus Classic) is engaged in wood, particularly the production and laying of patinated solid wood floors, furniture and other wooden products according to customer requirements.

The name is a combination of words that define the company: “Quercus” – Latin for oak, and the international word “Classic”, the style in which we present ourselves. The last word of the name – “Floors” indicates that the company primarily specialises in wooden floors. QC Floors (Quercus Classic) was established in 2013; however, its founders, Václav Karkoš and Marek Pavel, have been working in the field for more than 18 years. It proves that Czech craftsmanship still belongs among the world elite. The whole company is entirely Czech, from the staff to the wood. Most of the projects find their owners abroad; on the European continent, they are assembled by experienced, specially trained joiners and floor fitters, and the materials are sent throughout the world.

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Great emphasis is placed on quality craftsmanship. All of the products are hand crafted and undergo thorough controls before they reach the final customer. Moreover, thanks to our years of experience and innovative production technologies, we can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Each year, QC Floors (Quercus Classic) regularly exhibits its products at several renowned European trade fairs, such as Maison&Objet in Paris, Ambiente in Frankfurt and Salone del Mobile in Milan.

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Our production

The production of our solid wood flooring is located in Karlštejn. Several hundred square metres of new floors, from boards through parquet flooring, up to complicated coffer patterns, are produced in the two-storey building. The company has twelve basic types of floors in its manufacturing portfolio, but often makes bespoke coffers according to customer requirements.

Our furniture is built in Vochov near Plzeň, where a team of experienced joiners are able to produce original furniture in accordance with customer designs. QC Floors (Quercus Classic) is not concerned with series production, thus each project is unique.

QC Floors (Quercus Classic) also produces tables, which are manufactured in Vejprnice near Plzeň. The table designs are borne from a collaboration with the Czech design studio Olgoj Chorchoj, which has several time-proven models in its portfolio. Making tables according to an individual design is a matter of course.

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Vila z roku 1914 prošla celkovou rekonstrukcí. Její majitel Václav Karkoš jí navrátil původní tvář…

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Malá firma – QC Floors

I z malé české truhlárny se dá dobývat svět. Z Karlštejna míří parkety do Londýna, Mnichova i Nice…

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The official participation of the Czech Republic at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

Dal 13 al 20 aprile 2015 la Repubblica Ceca ha partecipato ufficialmente al Salone Internazionale del Mobile…

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The traditional QC Floors company, engaged in the production and laying of solid wooden floors.

It offers the production of cassette, frieze and plank floors of the highest quality.

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